ChatGPT Reviews Summary (From Over 1.2K – ONLY Five-Star Google Reviews)
The reviews for Prime Learner highlight the driving school’s exceptional teaching quality and the positive impact of its founder and instructor, Zsolt Szlanka. Reviewers consistently praise Zsolt for his patience and effective teaching methods, noting that his guidance has significantly improved their driving skills and confidence on the road ... The feedback emphasises Zsolt’s friendliness and professionalism, making learning to drive a comfortable and enjoyable experience Overall, the reviews strongly recommend Prime Learner to anyone looking for a high-quality, supportive driving education experience.

Having A Bad Attitude Will Not Help You Pass Your Driving Test – Prime Learner Driving School

The BEST driving instructor in Birmingham City by far!

I passed at the first attempt with ZERO minors!!! Following having PTSD & Trauma related to my relative passing away due to a car accident. I couldn’t thank Zsolt more, for his patience & professional driving assistance. Thanks again for all the support!

Tasha Pinnock

Learning to Drive with ADHD – Passing the Driving Test after 18 years with Prime Learner Instructor

Zsolt is simply the most professional, patient and clear driving instructor I’ve ever had. At 34, I had tried a few instructors over the years and every time I ran out of lessons I couldn’t bring myself to book more, thinking of the torture of being cooped up with instructors who just didn’t have the patience to deal with some with ADHD / ASD. With Zsolt I learned to love driving, and the lessons soon became a highlight of the week. Thank you so much Zsolt, finally I can experience the freedom of driving my own car!

James Hayward-Zhu

英國考車路試1 take 過! 過千條Google 5星好評嘅英國考車師傅 Prime Learner Driving School

Zsolt is the most wonderful driving instructor you could ever ask for. He was my first choice and I passed my driving test in first attempt! Very supportive, encouraging and lessons are always well-planned and organised. I have no doubt you will pass your driving test with Zsolt! Not only will you pass your test, but he actually prepares you to drive safe and independently for life-time! His charge is on the higher side but the teaching quality definitely WORTH it! Having higher chance to pass it in one go, it may actually save you additional money by learning how to drive in much shorter time.

Leung Alice

Find The Right Instructor Who Brings Out The Best in You Never Give Up! Prime Learner Driving School

I truly believe that Zsolt is one of a kind and extremely skilled at what he does!! After a terrible experience learning to drive which put me off for several years, I was reluctant to start lessons again but as soon as I got in the car with Zsolt I knew that this time would be different. He put a clear plan in place from the start so the end goal was always in sight. He never cancelled a lesson, was always on time and was constantly professional, reassuring and supportive throughout my entire journey. He is an excellent teacher and really understands how to get the best out of people. I honestly can’t thank him enough for helping me to achieve my licence and know that it wouldn’t have happened without his support. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!!

Hayley Woodhull

通过英国驾照考试的三点体会 Prime Learner Driving School


Dr Yang Ma 洋

Watching TikTok, YouTube, Instagram etc. Videos is a Recipe for Failing Your Driving Test / Prime Learner

Sharing this after passing my driving test on my first attempt with three minors! I am so glad that I made the best decision by choosing Zsolt – undeniably one of the best driving instructors out there! The best thing about his lessons is that he personally oversees all his students and also has a friendly approach while teaching, which has made me a better driver. I would 100% recommend Zsolt for anyone out there looking for an instructor, you ca not go wrong! Thank you so much again, Zsolt and Prime Learner community!

Dr Nancy Archana

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia & Anxiety and Still Passing His Driving Test! You Can Do It Too!

Zsolt has been an amazing help throughout my driving lessons. He was patient, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I would highly recommend Prime Leaner to anyone looking for driving lessons.

James Bennet

5 Star Google Reviews and Recommendations are Fundamental for Choosing the Right Driving Instructor

I passed my driving test with the help of Zsolt who is an extremely professional driving instructor and now a valued friend too. He doesn’t only teach you to pass the driving test but also how to become a well rounded safe driver. His lessons are well planned with methodological instructions and tips right from the start! Towards your test, he plans multiple mock exams to identify weaknesses to work on. Zsolt is punctual, well organised and polite. Each lesson is constructive but also feels like a catchup with a friend! I definitelty recommend on having Zsolt along in your test even for just a calming presence. I can’t be more thankful for Zsolt for helping me to achieve this milestone!

Dr Ophelia Cheung

I Went on Google I Was Looking for The Best Instructor Because I Didn’t Want to Settle Anything Less

Zsolt has been an amazing help throughout my driving lessons. He was patient, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I would highly recommend Prime Leaner to anyone looking for driving lessons.

Aishatu Machina

No Mock Test, No Success / Prime Learner Driving School / First Time Passing with Zero Minor

I just passed driving test earlier today with flying colours thanks to Zsolt. Long story short, I had driving lessons with my previous instructor couple of years ago, who repeatedly made me to take driving test when my knowledge and skills were barely ready. Without any surprise, I failed 3-4 times. Sadly, that gave a significant amount of doubts and anxiety in myself when thinking of driving, thus I quitted learning. However, recently I decided that I must step up and get my license done. Genuinely speaking, at that time I didn’t hold so much hope but I felt that at least I gotta try again. Seeing Zsolt’s perfect 1.1k 5* reviews on Google really convinced me that I should wait for my turn in his super long waiting list. After 2-3 months, I finally became his student. From the very first day, Zsolt has demonstrated to me his professionalism, fantastic methodology and especially a great level of patience. He always explains things to me step by step, in the most logical way, clearly points out my weakness, and how to improve my driving to the uttermost sensible and safe level. My knowledge of driving turned from poor, full of doubts and vague guessing have gradually become sense, logics , strategies and correct responses to each traffic scenarios. Thanks to his constant kind reminder and useful tips , I subconsciously picked up good learning habits too. A few days days before my actual test, he gave me quite a few mock tests to get me mentally prepared, and thoroughly polished my skills. Right before the test, he offered me so much encouragement and reassurance to keep me calm and confident. As a result, my driving test result was unbelievably great, and I passed the very first time after being taught by him. Honestly can’t thank him enough. If I would give him 100 stars, I would!! Of course, I recommend him to everyone who is looking for a genuinely quality instructor and driving lessons. You will pass under his teaching, trust me! He is the best !

Ann Thi Phuang

الرقم واحد في تعلم السياقة في بريطانيا، ها علاش ختاريت برايم ليرنر

I recently had the pleasure of learning to drive with the most outstanding driving school in the UK who I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a patient and knowledgeable instructor.
From the very first lesson, it was clear that Mr Zsolt had a passion for teaching and a talent for adapting their teaching style to suit the needs of each individual learner.
One of the standout features of his teaching approach was the way he develops personalised learning plans for each learner. He took the time to understand my learning style and abilities, and designed a plan that was tailored to my needs. This made the learning experience much more effective and efficient, and helped me to progress quickly.
Another great aspect of his teaching method is the ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise way, making it easy for me to understand and apply them. Additionally, he was very patient and understanding when I made mistakes, and always provided constructive feedback to help me improve.
Overall, I would highly recommend Prime Learner to anyone looking to learn to drive in the UK regardless of their level of experience. They truly care about their learners and are dedicated to helping them become confident and safe drivers.

Oussama El Khzazni

Performing a Mock Test is to Learn How to Pass Your Driving Test – Prime Learner Driving School

Zsolt is absolutely amazing driving instructor!
I found Zsolt after I failed my 1st driving test with another instructor from different school. 1st Driving test showed me how unprepared I was and after reflection on it I decided that I needed to try other schools. After searching I found a Prime Learner and booked 1 lesson with Zsolt.
I was absolutely impressed with 1st lesson and very high teaching standards so I decided to continue with Zsolt. It was very good decision. Today, I had a driving test and passed it!!!

What is very important, Zsolt not only taught me how to be a good and safe driver, he also helped me a lot to prepare myself mentally for exam. Very helpful mock tests before exam, constant support throughout each and every lesson, advises that worked for me and my type of personality – Mr Zsolt, thank you very much for all your brilliant work! I’m so happy today!

Anastasia Anokhina

Record Number of the Driving Tests Cancellations by the DVSA but We Won the Battle with Zero Minors

Driving in the UK requires high standards and Zsolt makes sure you’re ready for it in your first attempt. I could not have asked for a better instructor. He is definitely the best in the business in the country. To all the people out there who are thinking to get their driving license, I would definitely recommend Zsolt for your driving lessons. He is very a professional, dedicated, friendly, encouraging and can go to any length to help to get achieve your objective. Zsolt has a very methodical in his ways of teaching. He plans your exercise for very lesson way ahead. One will know from the charts that he prepared for every candidate. Zsolt will go through every exercise a multiple time it your absolutely perfect in it. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson in his stylish Mercedes. Despite multiple cancellation we waited for a long time to get a test slot and when the day came we smashed it with no minors.

Dr Subasri Bala

Passing Your Driving Test at the First Attempt is NOT a BIG DEAL When You Are Ready for it / Prime L

Having been recommended Zsolt by a number of friends, all of which had passed through Zsolt. I can say with the utmost confidence Zsolt is one of, if not the best driving instructors in Birmingham. Professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable – Zsolt’s ethos is not teacher/student but “we are a team” tailoring to each individual’s needs and that helped me progress allowing me to pass first time with very few minors. I owe this achievement to Zsolt and would recommend his impeccable services to anybody looking for an elite level driving instructor.

Lee Walker

Respect the Driving Test but Consider Changing Manual Car to an Automatic! Get Driving Licence ASAP!

Zsolt is easily the best driving instructor in Birmingham/ the UK. Choosing to learn to drive with him has been one of the best decisions I have made. He provides a high quality, structured service tailored to your previous experiences and learning preferences. Not only will Zsolt teach you to drive to a high standard, he will instill confidence and safety in your driving style. When learning to drive it is vitally important that you trust and connect with your instructor. Zsolt is very friendly and has an ability to defuse stressful situations – which appear to happen frequently on the roads in Birmingham! Thanks to Zsolt I passed my test first time and feel totally at ease now driving solo. Thanks again Zsolt!

Timothy Perry

The Joyous Moment At The End Of Your Driving Test. You Can Do It Too! / Prime Learner Driving School

You have just made my day! I just passed my driving test first attempt and I’m super happy and thankful to you honestly you have made me the perfect and safest driver, I’m confident now to hit the road. Thank you so much for your professional skills in driving instructing, you make your candidates calm and comfortable and yet brilliant drivers. I can’t thank you enough for polishing up my skills in order to pass and to start my own journey. Highly recommended 

Fathia Nasser

Is it Worth Waiting for a Good Driving Instructor or Just Go With What’s Available? Prime Learner

Zsolt, is an amazing instructor/ teacher & a kind person! He knows how to handle each one of us while driving, he has that eye to see where we are lacking while driving, his amazing teaching skills make anyone comfortable with full of confidence. I would highly recommend him, if you are truly looking to pass the test on the first go, go for it!!!

Ritika Arora

Driving Instructor Makes A Hero Of Top Birmingham Personal Trainer Prime Learner Lesson Zsolt

Zsolt is a really good Instructor having tried other Instructors in the past, I was finding it very difficult to understand their instructions and being a personal trainer myself, I can relate to his teaching style. He has the knowledge and ability to simplify his lessons, making his students understand it easily. He solved the issues I was having with roundabout in 4 lessons and he totally changed my driving style, I use to be nervous on the wheels. Thanks to him i passed my test and I am now a confident driver..for anyone out there looking for a professional driving Instructor I can categorically recommend prime learner.

Stephen Emelieze

Sikeres Vezetési Vizsga Elsőre, A Gyakorlás Tessz Mesterré – Bridge Magyar Autósiskola Szlanka Zsolt

I’ve waited over a year on the waiting list to start, but it was TOTALLY worth it! I’ve been recommended to this school by a friend who has failed her test 2 times with another instructor, and said to not waste my money on an instructor that may not be reliable from the get go as she has previously. She then passed with Zsolt on her first attempt! With Zsolt I have received the knowledge based on what is required for the test from the moment I sat in the car. He is very thorough, his learning methods are particular and efficient which helps you better remember important rules, he pushes you to be at your best at ALL of the lessons, and has a clear learning structure on how to achieve a successful first time pass. The learnings are very constructive including focusing on correcting your mistakes if there is something you need to improve on, which many instructors don’t seem to do. From there on, the rest just depends on you 🙂 I highly recommend Zsolt if you want a very experienced instructor who will not waste your time and get that first time pass!

Krisztina Varga

It’s NEVER TOO LATE to Learn How To Drive if You Have Professional Driving Instructor Prime Learner

Recommend Prime Learner without any reservations. Professionalism and quality.

Suky Overda

From Bristol to Birmingham. Shop Around Before Choosing Your Driving Instructor – Prime Learner Driving School

Very good instructor, well organised and provides a lot of support. Recommend ++. Passed my test in one go

Tyrone Lai