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Zsolt recently took part in a case study by Birmingham City Council about the Clean Air Zone in the city and the future of driving lessons.

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The reviews for Prime Learner highlight the driving school’s exceptional teaching quality and the positive impact of its founder and instructor, Zsolt Szlanka. Reviewers consistently praise Zsolt for his patience and effective teaching methods, noting that his guidance has significantly improved their driving skills and confidence on the road ... The feedback emphasises Zsolt’s friendliness and professionalism, making learning to drive a comfortable and enjoyable experience Overall, the reviews strongly recommend Prime Learner to anyone looking for a high-quality, supportive driving education experience.

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Driving Lessons And Test With A Pillow And Music – Prime Learner International Driving School

I am immensely grateful for the exceptional guidance provided by Zsolt throughout my driving journey. His unparalleled expertise, patient demeanor, and personalized instruction transformed my experience into an enjoyable and empowering adventure. Zsolt’s commitment to tailoring lessons to my specific needs (listening to music while driving, and suggesting using a pillow to adjust my height so that I had a clear field of vision) ensured that I not only mastered the basics of driving but also honed advanced skills crucial for a safe and confident driver.

Zsolt’s dedication to my success went above and beyond, making me feel like a valued priority. Punctual, flexible, and always willing to accommodate my schedule, Zsolt’s professionalism and positive attitude made every lesson enjoyable. I not only passed my driving exam but also developed a genuine love for driving. Thank you, Zsolt, for the numerous lessons and the fun conversations and your faith in me that I could turn things around when I was loosing confidence in myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Zsolt to anyone seeking a driving instructor who turns the road to success into a joyride 😀

Nikita Bakshi

Beating One of the Worst Driving Test Centres in the UK with a First Time Pass – Prime Learner

Absolutely amazing service – thank you so much!

I passed my driving test on the first attempt after only 3 and a bit months of learning with Zsolt. I started from zero driving experience and also was not able to practice with family/friends so the pass was entirely down to the amazing driving lessons!

Zsolt is an incredible instructor who explains everything clearly and makes your journey to passing your test as smooth and stress-free as possible. He is always on time, with amazing communication and tons of useful resources. He also has a very safe, modern car with all of the best features to make your learning experience even better and easier!

The whole process, from booking my first lesson to passing (and beyond!) has been genuinely enjoyable. Having zero prior experience or being nervous about driving are not a problem – Zsolt will make you feel completely comfortable and confident and you will be learning at a pace that suits you.

Thank you once again for helping me to achieve this important milestone.

Definitely deserve 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I would give 1000+ stars if I could! Highly recommend to any learner 😊

Eve Marie B

The Purpose of the Mock Driving Test is to Help You to Pass, Not Break You to Pieces / Prime Learner Driving School

Zsolt is the best driving instructor. He identifies your area of improvement and prepares you with plan to pass in first attempt. He prepares you for not only test day but also for every condition you might encounter in real life. Thanks and all the best!

Bhushan Chaudhari

“Respect Your Driving Instructor But Do Not Let Yourself Be Patronised” Says University Lecturer

Dear Zsolt, thank you for every minute of patience you had with me. I came to you looking for a driving instructor and I found a friend. From the first day you made me feel comfortable and confident.

I wish to most sincerely recommend your driving school to all learners out there. If you’re already experienced drivers from another country looking to get a UK licence as I have, or you are just about to start driving for the first time, there is no better persons and instructor than Zsolt.

Dr Ivana Milic

Before You, My Driving Lessons Were Extremely Stressful and I Wasn’t Making Any Progress At All

First of all, a Great Thank you to Prime Learner Driving School, because I have passed my driving test with Zsolt, their instructor, ONLY 2 minor mistakes!
Secondly, I have to mention something very unusual in this industry.
I thought that Zsolt will be sharp on time at the very first lesson and he will wear his top suit with tie only in the very first lesson for introducing himself in a good way… Thereafter, I got surprised because he maintained his immaculate and professional look, wearing suit and tie on every single lesson also for my Driving Test too!
He was always on time; I could adjust my watch to him. If he was late even 2-3 minutes, he always made it up by the end of the lesson!
Also, his top and latest luxurious fully Electric Mercedes-Benz EQA car was always sparkling clean inside and outside, which puts the entire learning experience on a different level rather as a fabulous journey!
You can’t get wrong with Zsolt!!! Brilliant service, thank you very much one more time!

PS.: I have to admit, that I have made a big-big mistake, because I tried to save money, but it didn’t work out at the end.
I went first with a cheaper driving instructor, saying to myself, that I will learn everything on a cheaper rate, then I’ll polishing up my skills and knowledge with Prime Learner as I’ll get closer to my driving test.
Sounded as a good idea…
Well, I wasted loads of my money on that cheaper driving instructor because it turned out that I didn’t make any progress, I was dragging down all the time on the same roads and regularly being told off when I made a mistake, instead of explaining how to fix it and practising until perfection.
My honest advice, start with the Professional Prime Learner Driving School (especially with Zsolt) even if it costs you much-much more but and the end of the day, you will save time and a lot of money because you always get what you paying for.

Hatixhe Dida