Zsolt Szlanka

Founder and Inventor

Zsolt Szlanka is an experienced driving instructor, having worked in the driving industry for over 15 years. He emigrated to England from Hungary in 2006.

His work has taken him to several European countries and prior to his career as a driving instructor, Zsolt held a variety of roles including a sales department manager and at one stage a crisis manager, overseeing 350 employers in a DIY store chain.

Zsolt is based in Birmingham, where he lives with his wife and two children aged 20 and 8. He emigrated to England with his wife in order to better his English language skills as he was mainly working in German-speaking territories for international companies and felt that an improved grasp of the English language would allow him to further develop his career.

On arrival in England, Zsolt worked as a bartender at the Frankie & Benny’s restaurant in Birmingham Airport. Once he had improved his language skills sufficiently, he decided to transition to the hoteling industry, amounting to a duty manager some 3 years later.

In 2009, he decided to change his career trajectory entirely and began his own business as an approved driving instructor developing a passion to improve the safety standards in the driving school industry and the quality of driving lessons overall.

Despite the fact that the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency are the governing body of the driving school industry, they have little influence or power over the operating model of driving schools nor those of private driving instructors.

Zsolt became aware of this when he first started working in the industry 15 years ago but without the experience he now has, he felt he had no authority to speak out against this at the time. Now that Zsolt has built up his reputation in the market he feels ready to drive real positive change in the driving industry. 

Zsolt regularly has over 30 new learner drivers on his own waiting list as a private driving instructor.  He does not believe that the current model of operation for driving schools is the way for him to move forward effectively. 

His desire to improve safety standards and the quality of the driving industry led him to develop Prime Learner, an online platform to provide video driving lessons using his specifically developed teaching methods and connect learners to instructors right for them. 

Zsolt believes that the structure of traditional driving schools will be permanently disrupted by his new approach to the driving industry.

See his YouTube channel below.

Views on YouTube: 2M Number of Videos: 350 Subscribers: 7.8K